You’re Not in Kansas Anymore…

You are definitely not in Minnesota anymore, and might be in Uganda if the following applies for you:

  • I can’t understand a child and I’m not sure if it is because of their accent or if they are speaking in Luganda
  • I answer to Auntie Laura, Mama Laura, Teacher Laura, or Mzungu.  And Laura often sounds more like Lola.
  • After dinner the team sneaks a Twix past the kids table and can’t break it apart, so we just pass it around the circle, each taking a bit until it is gone.  And no one thinks a thing of it – we are just so excite for chocolate.
  • Day dreams involve pizza, Chipotle, Caribou, and being at the lake.
  • My hair air dries every day, and the kids are constantly touching it and “restyling” it so it doesn’t matter if I try and make it look decent.
  • I wear clean clothes and am told I look smart
  • Getting groceries might involve bringing home live chickens.
  • The fruit is indescribably tasty – so tasty you are willing to eat it out of a child’s grubby little fingers.
  • Vegetables are virtually non-existent
  • Avocadoes are twice the size of my fist
  • Kids give you the gift of garbage and are genuinely excited to share their treasure.
  • Goats and chickens and scrawny cows are everyone on the side of the road.
  • Women walk along the sidewalk with a basket of bananas balanced on their head.
  • You roast at night, but can’t open your door for fresh air because of malaria
  • You sleep under a mosquito net
  • There is a mouse in your dining room
  • You start hundreds of children’s movies, but finish none of them.
  • When someone farts, they “gassed”
  • You put “full stops” at the end of your sentence and have “maths” on your school schedule
  • Children see a picture of fireworks and say, “Happy New Year!”
  • A drum beat makes anything better

Porridge Break at School

play-doh time!



One thought on “You’re Not in Kansas Anymore…

  1. Laura I love all the things that are the same about Uganda and Australia. Like the avocados, the fruit, full stops and maths. Will you please talk like that when you get back.

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