Today’s Brilliant Idea

On Wednesday, Jen and I stayed home with the kids.  We taught some preschool lessons to Emma, Carol, and Don in the morning and played with all the kids in the afternoon.  We also thought of an activity to do in the afternoon after all the kids were home from school and had their snack.  I decided that we would read the book, “All Creatures Great and Small” which is about how God created everything.

Afterwards we would be making flowers.  The petals and the stems were pre-cut and the kids just had to glue them into place.  The other summer missionaries had already learned the hard way that the kids don’t know how to use scissors.  So I decided that this summer we would learn to cut!  Brilliant, right?  I mean, I have seven years experience of teaching kids how to use scissors.  So we are starting with snipping.  They got a green rectangle and snipped it to make grass to add to their flower scene.

Oscar using scissors

Fortunately all five aunties were there to supervise and assist.  The kids were really excited and actually did a really good job – I was proud of them.  No one fought over our five scissors and everyone was at least moderately successful!  Hooray!  It is a step in the right direction in the world of scissors.  Good job, kids!

Then that night at staff devotions, Mama Esther said she is so glad we are here and that we could think of such creative things to do with the kids.  In my mind, it was a good project, but not overly amazing, so it was just really encouraging that the staff and kids are both excited about simple activities that are fun and work on lots of skills.


One thought on “Today’s Brilliant Idea

  1. I love that what you think is simple is super impressive to others (like me). Several of my co-workers and I discussed today that we couldn’t do what you do. For example, it wouldn’t occur to me that kids don’t know how to use scissors or that snipping grass would be a good place to start. You’re pretty awesome 🙂

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