My Summer Home

I thought that perhaps I could take you on a tour of the orphanage.

Let’s start in my room.  Rachel – the top bunk is for you when you come!  On the other side of my room I have two metal chairs and a small dresser.  The other girls are next door in a room with two sets of bunkbeds and a small sitting area.  We have our own bathroom up here – we even have a water heater for the shower!  You just need to be sure and turn the heater on about 20 minutes before you plan to shower.  Downstairs is where the boys on our team have their rooms, as well as I think Uncle Moses and Uncle Godfrey, but I could be wrong on that.  Our rooms are detached from the main house with a small walkway in between the two structures.  This area is used for cooking and laundry and the rubbish bins.

Out front are a couple of picnic tables, clothes lines, and a big area to run and play (and where the van is parked).  Like the surrounding homes, we have a huge concrete wall surrounding our house.

When you walk in the front door you are in a living room with two chairs, toys, a tv, and a small couch.  There is a large dining table with benches around it.  The kids sit here at dinner, but for breakfast and lunch they get out large mats and sit together on the front porch.

If you walk to the right,  you will come to a small kitchen, pantry area, and Mama Esther’s room.  To the left is a hallway which leads to the office, Mama Lois’ bedroom, the girls’ room and the boys’ room.  The girls and boys have sets of three-high bunk beds in their rooms.

And that is where I am staying!  It is really nice – especially after seeing other children’s homes in the area.

Oh, and I was going to say – if you have any questions you want me to answer for you at any point this summer, or anything you’d like to see me post about while I’m here – please email me or leave me a comment 🙂


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