Saturday Bible Stories

On Saturdays the kids are all home, which is super fun.  We plan a Bible lesson and then set up different stations for them to rotate through.  This week we taught them about Joseph and his coat of many colors.  For the craft, we cut out coats and were trying to think of a way for the kids to color them.  Apparently they are NOT good with scissors, so I suggested we have them rip construction paper and glue it on.  It was a total hit and the oldest kid and the littlest kid both had a great time!  Auntie Jessica and I taught the kids a memory verse.  It was Acts 7:9-10, “But God was with him and rescued him from all his trouble.” Now repeat that with an awesome Ugandan accent.

Practicing our Bible verse

My luggage arrived mid-rotation, and afterwards us girls looked through all the supplies that I brought (thanks again friends for your amazing support that made these gifts possible for the orphanage).  We are super excited about the possibilities of things we can do in the future with the fun craft supplies and books I brought!


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