Uganda Facts: edition one

If you are going to come to Uganda (or if you are not) there are some things you should know.  I’m sure my list will grow immensely over the next two months, but here are today’s fun facts.

  • Oranges are green.  Yep.  You read that right.  We had oranges for snack last week and they are incredibly sour and the peels were all green and yellow.  Don’t be too alarmed – the insides were still orange.
  • If you talk about coloring, the children may be a smidge confused what you are talking about.  Here we call it shading.  But with their accents it sounds like “Shedding”.  Which is kind of great.

    Cocus is great at shedding!

  • Things don’t hurt here, rather they are paining.  “My tooth is paining!”  “No Don, it probably isn’t, seeing that you only have one tooth and you don’t have your dentures in.”
  • We don’t talk about favorites.  We talk about our best.  “Pink and green are my best colors.”
  • There are some crazy birds round these parts.  I rarely see them, but hear their calls all the time.  Some sound like monkeys chattering in trees.
  • Tires are awesome toys.

And now, just because I can, here are a few photos!

Jerom LOVES it when I wrinkle my nose at him

playing outside

Joshua’s awesome lion


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