Watoto Church

Ok, I was severely jet-lagged when I wrote my original posts, so I have no idea what I’ve said to you 🙂  First off, I can use the internet a couple times a week.  Sunday nights is one of them.  But please keep in mind that I will be writing posts from the perspective of the day I am writing them, not from the perspective of the time I am posting them.  So try not to be confused.  For example, this week I am writing today’s post on Sunday, but it is going up on Monday.  So don’t be too perplexed when I talk about going to church in two sentences form now…

I am really loving being here in Uganda.  Today we went to church, and it was one of the first opportunities I had to see Uganda in the daylight, other than within the walls of the orphanage. (Mom, skip the next sentence please).  We piled TWENTY of us into a van with seven seats.  It was hot and sweaty, but I as trying to soak in everything in sight: from the cows, chickens, and goats on the side of the red dirt roads, to the huge round-a-bouts, the signs, the buildings, shacks, homes, roadside food stands, boda boda drivers (motorcycle taxis), red tin roofs, and clotheslines everywhere.

Annet and I waiting to leave for church!

We attend Watoto Church, which apparently is pretty well-known.  Word on the street is that one of the African Children’s Choirs is from Watoto Church.  That would be pretty epic if they sang while I am here!  In some ways it is more of a typical American church than my home church, Hope Community Church, is.  It is a large multi-site church.  They give their announcements via video and they sing lots of English praise choruses.  In other ways, it is distinctly not American: the birds flying through the sanctuary (which had a roof and partial walls), the beautiful African choir, and the random power outages mid-service.  In other ways, the service was crazily similar to Hope CC.  One of the first announcements was about church planting, and the sermon series was on the same topic as back home: generous giving.  I had been hoping to listen to sermons online while here, so since that isn’t going to work out, I’m glad that I hear parallel messages in Uganda!


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