Auntie Laura

On my first morning, I was told it was my rest day, and I could get up whenever I wanted.  I wasn’t really sure what that meant, so I set my alarm for 8 (although I woke up much earlier – my curtains don’t do much to keep out the sunlight).  I showered and headed downstairs to the Children’s Home.

Three kids were there – Carol, Don, and Emma.  These three are too young to attend school yet.  Most of the other kids will be picked up at 12:30.  I think that just one boy goes for the full day, but I could be wrong.

All the short term missionaries are Aunties and Uncles.  And hearing the kids say my name with their accents is adorable 🙂

We’ve got a schedule for each day we are here… some days I will be at the orphanage taking care of the kids all day.  Other days I will teach at the kids’ school Little Rina School or at a nearby orphanage called New Creation Children’s Home.  I will have the chance to go to the market and help with the grocery shopping, and other days will be helping with cooking, cleaning, or laundry.  I also will lead the kids’ and staff devotionals once a week.  On Saturdays we plan bigger activities for the kids, and Tuesday is project day.  We will be off site as a team doing various things.  I heard that next week we are building a house!

I will only have internet access a couple times a week, but plan to write posts to go up throughout the week when I am able to.  Just know that if you email me, I love your emails  and am so happy to get them, but might not be able to respond right away.


2 thoughts on “Auntie Laura

  1. It sounds like this trip is so perfectly suited to the gifts God has given you. May He work mightily through you! 🙂

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