I’m here!

Hi friends!!  I made it safely to Africa!  Hooray!

Let me tell you… Uganda takes FOREVER to travel to!  My flight was late in leaving Minneapolis.  And I quote the gate person, “Oh, we lost track of the time…” but fortunately all of the other flights were late in leaving also.  But basically I had to run to my next gate each time I landed, both in Chicago and in Brussels.  The second flight felt longer because I didn’t want to sleep, since it would be night when I arrived in Entebbe.   Also – surprise!  We had a stopover in Kigali, Rwanda, where a bunch of people got off our flight and then new people got on – in between the crew vacuumed under our feet.

On the flight from Brussels, I sat by a sweet lady who was heading to Rwanda for their National Day of Forgiveness.  I get the impression that she does a lot with missions in Africa, and she prayed for me before she departed the plane.  It was pretty cool 🙂

So I am here!  None of my luggage is.  Supposedly it is on its way from Brussels and will be here tonight.  I’m hoping this is true, since I have two outfit changes in my carry on luggage and then I’m just out of luck. (I mean, that or I can re-wear things).

The team of summer missionaries met me at the airport.  They had a sign with my name on it, and jumped up and down with excitement when I stepped through the door.  (This might have had to do with the hours they’d waited for me, while I waited for my suitcases and then waited to talk to the lost luggage people).  I was greeted with hugs and encouragement that they were all so excited I was there, they love me already, and they were placing bets on what I look like and what my life story is.  Turns out I do not have brown hair or a tattoo on my foot.  But other than that I’m just what they expected??


5 thoughts on “I’m here!

  1. Forever?!? You’re supposed to tell me that it was quick and delightful to get there :). And they were so excited to see you because I had talked to them and told them how amazing and awesome you are!

  2. I’m so glad you made it safely, Laur!!! It’s so awesome that the team was so encouraging and made you feel so welcome. I hope your first weekend is a blast!!! Love you!

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