Packing? Who has time for that??

Well friends, next week at this time, I’ll be waking up in Uganda.  Well, probably not actually at this time, since it is 8 hours ahead there.  And really I know what time I’m posting this, but I don’t know what time you are reading this.

Anyway, it is that time again… time to avoid packing and procrastinate in any way possible.

I’m pretty good at thinking of things to do other than pack, and once I do start I’d say I’m semi-pro at finding “important” distractions.  However, since this is a bigger trip than I usually take, I don’t want to take any chances in actually being too productive in my packing over the next few days.  So I went ahead and scheduled some alternate activities for between now and Wednesday when I leave.  If you are looking for me, and think I should be in my room putting things in suitcases, here are some other places to consider checking:

  • El Rodeo, eating Friday night dinner with the fam
  • David’s garage.  Or backyard.
  • the pedicure place
  • Lunch with the ladies
  • Target Field
  • Church
  • Jill’s kitchen
  • The dentist (yep – these are the lengths I will go to avoid packing)
  • Lunch with Rachel
  • On a walk with cute babies and their moms
  • My parent’s house
  • FroYo establishments everywhere

Wish me luck!  I think this is going to be a really successful and stress-free packing experience 😉


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