Schoolhouse Rock vol. 33

And so it ends.  As quickly as the school year begins, it is over.

Although if you’d said this in October, January, March, or April I would have strongly disagreed.

I would like to end the year with some Thank Yous.

Thank you kindergartners for making some brilliant observations this week to show me you are ready for first grade:

  • “Miss K, do you know what is inside of an apple?  APPLE JUICE!”
  • “Miss K, you have hair on your arms!” “Yep, you do too…”
  • “Guys, guess what my book has in it!  LETTERS!”

Thank you mom who brought in cupcakes for us on the last day. image

Thank you class for eating the aforementioned cupcakes outside so I didn’t have to deal with a mess in here.

A huge Thank You to Kari and Jessica, who amazingly volunteered their time to pack up my classroom.  You are amazing, and because of you I am not a ball of stress right now.  You have NO idea how amazing it was to have your help.  Everyone is super jealous.

Thank You internet for bringing Koo Koo Kanga Roo into our lives.  We sent out kindergarten with a little Awesome Rainbows

Thanks to my EA and my student teacher.  This year was survived (and the kids actually learned a lot!) because of you and your help and friendship.

Thanks to my kindergarten team for being awesome to work with.  You guys are ridiculous and hard working and dedicated.  I appreciate that.  I’m excited for next year 🙂

Thank you little boy for taking my comment completely out of context and proclaiming loudly for all to hear: “I’m helping them to copy me.  They want to be just like me.  They want to live my life!!”

Thank you teacher at my mom’s school for the brilliant idea of playing Minute To Win It games in our classroom on the last day.  Was a great way to end the year.  And watching kids pick up cotton balls on their vaselined noses was the best.

Thank you angry little girl for have really poor aim so that you never hit anyone when you threw chairs this year.

Thank you little boy at lunch for asking me ridiculous math questions “to see if Miss K really knows everything.” And thank you for believing my answers when I got tired of thinking and just made stuff up.

Thank you friends for praying me through another school year.  I couldn’t do what I do without it.

Thank you former student’s parent, who is from Kenya, for telling me to have fun in Uganda, but not to leave Kampala so that I stay safe.

Thank you little boy for yelling, “No!” every time I mentioned you guys moving on to first grade.

Thank you sixth graders for graduating from elementary school.  Even though you are the first group of kids I ever taught, I must not have done too horribly that first year – you now know enough to attend junior high.

Thank you little girl for giving me a hug at the end of today and saying, “I think I’m crying.” even though your face is completely dry.  My heart was sad too.

Thank you bus drivers for honking your horns so the kids on the bus would go crazy as you pulled out of the bus loop and we waved to everyone as a final goodbye for the summer.

Thank you kids for your dedication to saying ridiculous, awesome, funny, sincere, cute, and hilarious things each and every day so that I can share the joy you bring me with the world.

Schoolhouse Rock resumes the day after Labor Day.  See you then!

(But don’t panic.  I’ll be blogging all summer.  Uganda-style).