Books! Revisited.

Last week I asked y’all for some book recommendations for my summer reading. I got a lot of comments, so I thought I would share the recommendations in case you are looking for something to read that wasn’t on my original post.

First of all, the winner is definitely Nicole, who sent me this box of books! Thanks Nicole 🙂 That was so awesome of you! I’m really excited to read all of those. Great selection – I love the wide variety! 20120606-194031.jpg

Secondly, and in no particular order… here are your recommendations!

– The Unincorporated Man (Kollin)
– Randy Singer (legal thrillers)
– Jodi Piccoult
– The Cat Who… books by Lillian Jackson Braun
– Reading Lolita in Tehran
– The Knife of Never Letting Go trilofy
– Weird Sisters
– State of Wonder
– Secret Daughter
– Hinds Feet on High Places
– Harlan Coban novels – especially the Myron Bolitar series (I have read these and would second this recommendation)
– Francine Rivers books
– The Secret Life of Bees
– The Invisible Wall

Also book related… my mom and dad generously purchased quite a few books at the Scholastic Warehouse Sale this spring for me to bring to the orphanage in Uganda. I went home on Sunday to help my mom tape the spines for a longer life for these books, and I took some time off the job to read this book: Safari Animals to help me learn the names of some of the more unique-to-Africa-and-not-in-the-mn-zoo animals.


why this is upside down, we can’t be sure. but i can’t be bothered to fix it…

And while I was reading it, my mom interjects, “Laura, did you know that zebras can run just an hour after they are born?” I was impressed with her knowledge. And then she confessed she had learned this fun fact just before my arrival while she was reading a board book counting animals. Awesome.



3 thoughts on “Books! Revisited.

  1. I am an avid reader too and adore books! I have read some on your suggested list (Secret Daughter, The Secret Life of Bees), are you interested in other types of books? Such as travel memoirs, things on the lighter side?

    • Oh, absolutely! I currently am on a young adult dystopian fiction kick, but also enjoy some chick lit if it is well written, mysteries/action, and as a huge traveler, I love reading about other people’s adventures! I mostly just love a good story. Do you have any recommendations to add to the list?

      • I would recommend Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard. It has a lot about traveling, as well a tiny splash of a romance 🙂

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