Schoolhouse Rock vol. 31

Today we went on a walking field trip to a nearby park.  It was a beautiful day to be out in the sun and a relaxing way to spend one of our last days of school together as a class. 

The walk is always fantastic.  The kids are excited, yet dramatic, as they get tired.  I always enjoy listening to their conversations as we walk.  For example, one conversation was about how to kiss like a princess (which is simply blowing a kiss) versus when you get married you kiss on the lips.  That is just the way life works.  The best comment though, was when the conversation turned how the kids look different from one another.   I was not part of the conversation, but my assistant was.  She chimed in, asking, “Well, what am I?” to which one little boy said, “You is so white like the froth on the milk.”    Walking on the bridge over the highway is also always exciting.  I’m pretty sure every kid saw their parent driving by 😉  You will be relieved to know that we successfully found the park (one child was really concerned that I was not bringing a map of any kind with us.  I promised that I knew the way, and that I would bring my phone in case we did get lost).  Oh, and I need to tell you about one heartwarming moment from earlier in the day: the kids were working on their school memories book.  One question was asking “Who is your best friend?” and a little boy raised his hand and asked me how to spell my name.  Love it 🙂

But I think the true highlight for all was when I was innocently sitting on a bench after lunch when a bird pooped on me.  Awesome.


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