Memorial Day Staycation

Tiffany and I wanted to make the most of Memorial Day Weekend, but we couldn’t go anywhere.  What are a couple of roommates to do?

If your answer was make a list of Minneapolis adventures that we have always wanted to have and then begin conquering that list, you are right!

First our itinerary, next the highlights!

  • Mill City Farmer’s Market for breakfast
  • Mill City Museum
  • Eat Street Social
  • Hunt and Gather
  • The Avengers
  • Pizzeria Lola
  • Home for cheesecake and a cheesy Disney channel movie on Netflix

Our biggest challenge of the day was the weather.  We knew it would be rainy and stormy off and on all day, so we had to plan accordingly.

At the Farmer’s Market we ate delicious donuts and drank iced mochas.

Our official review on the Mill City Museum: it was awesome.  We are now experts on flour.  I had no idea how dangerous flour milling was!  I also had no idea how many flour mills were on the Mississippi back in the day.  We loved all the old artifacts, and were confused by the wooden carvings of historical flour figures.  You should go though.  You will love it!  Did I mention the most ridiculous movie I’ve ever seen: the history of Minneapolis in 19 minutes.  And ashamedly I will admit there may have been tearing up at the end.

We had brunch food for lunch at Eat Street Social.  We went at a really awkward time, and were some of the only patrons in the restaurant.  It was tasty food.

Next up: Hunt and Gather.  It is an eclectic antique store full on randomness that was reminiscent of my grandma’s attic  (my favorite place as a child).  The highlight: a squirrel terrarium with 3 brown squirrels and 1 albino squirrel in their… natural habitat?  Terrifying.  Why did someone else have that in their home or place of business?

We then saw The Avengers.  Loved it.  And had an enthusiastic audience that clapped and cheered.  I do not condone clapping during movies, but it was pretty fitting in this instance.

Pizzeria Lola was for dinner.  It was a bit of a wait, but with some good people watching the time flew by.  The decor was unique and fun.  The food was delicious.  They deliver your bill in a cigar box with a flower pen.  It is cute.  And they have a photobooth in the back!  How fun is that!

All in all, it was a fantastic day.  You will probably want to recreate it on your own (well, with a friend or two) someday soon.