Africa Preparations: Part 1

Welcome to a new mini-series on my blog.  Time will tell how mini it truly is.  I’m envisioning a minimum of 2 posts, with a maximum of 22.  These may be serious, these may be ridiculous.  I will let you be the judge of that.

Today I want to talk about training for safari-ing.

I am not known for my ability to spot things.  I’m assuming that at times, on our game drives, the animals won’t be right next to me, easy to spot.  Sometimes my eyes may have to try a little.

So to prepare my eyes for spotting animals in the distance, animals that appear small because they are so far away, I have a series of eye-challenges that I complete weekly.

One such game I like to play is called, “spot the elephant”. 

In “spot the elephant” I hid my elephant necklace in amongst the wilds of nature.  Then I close my eyes for 10 seconds and spin around one time to forget where it is.  Then I open my eyes and see how fast I can spot it.  

My times have been steadily improving, and I have every confidence that I will be ready for Africa in no time.


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