Magical Moments

This afternoon and evening was filled with delightful magical moments.

Let me share a few of them with you.

First of all, I treated myself to a coffee frap.  My most fav.  It was delicious.

Then I read by a lake.

Then I had a picnic with these lovely ladies. 

Then a butterfly joined us! 

Then… get ready for it… a man with his pet MONKEY walked past us!

I was so in awe, I couldn’t properly alert my friends.  I just kept saying, “Monkey.  Monkey.  Monkey.”  and eventually they noticed my frozen muttering and I was able to direct their attention.  It made us so happy.

I didn’t get any photos, because I was too overcome, but fortunately, I found a video that you can watch instead!  it will be like you are there live.

Man With Monkey On His Head Walks Around Como Lake « CBS Minnesota.

Or, if you’d prefer to get your own pet monkey, I’d love for you to travel to 1964 and get take advantage of this great deal!  Just promise that when you go around the lake, you will go slow enough for me to take a picture!?

The good news is that I did a great job of spotting animals.  This bodes well for my summer safari.  The bad news is I apparently go into shock in seeing animals.  I will need to work on this.