The Grace of Giving

Right now at Hope Community Church, we are in a series on 2 Corinthians called Bridezilla Returns.  Within that, we are in a mini-series entitled The Grace of Giving.  Through raising financial support to go to Uganda, I have been so blessed to see this idea lived out.  People who live generously and are excited to support what God is doing.  I thank them for giving and they thank me for going, and round and round we go.  What a tremendous example that has been set before me of giving not being a command or a burden, but being a joy.

I’m so excited to be able to say that my summer missions trip to Uganda is fully funded – praise Jesus!

Not only is my trip fully funded, but I also have raised over $300 dollars in additional financial support that I am using to buy additional teaching, playing, learning, and living resources for the orphanage, as well as to pay for an extra suitcase to bring these things along.  In addition to THAT, I have had others donate books, toys, clothes etc for me to bring to the orphaned and abandoned children.

God gave me the time, desire, and gifts to go, serve Him, and share His love with these orphans in Uganda.  But on my own, I sure didn’t have the financial resources.  I am SO humbled and SO blessed by all of you who contributed to my trip and will be praying for me while I’m gone.

Raising support teaches me to trust Jesus.  To rely fully on Him, because I can’t do it on my own.  It helps me get my perspective right and my heart right.  This trip isn’t about me going on some crazy adventure to Africa (although I’m sure there will be more than enough adventures to share with you), but it is about serving God and loving others.

There isn’t a day that went by that upon finding a support check in the mail, I didn’t open it and feel overwhelmed and undeserving of your generosity. Or you handed me money at a birthday party, took me shopping for books for these kids, or called me to ask their sizes to buy appropriate clothing.

My heart is full.

So I want to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for living generously.

Thank you for your words of encouragement about God’s plans for my summer.

Thank you for praying for me.

Thank you for being excited along with me.

Thank you for being amazing.

And Thank You to God for your loving faithfulness… for surprising me, for providing for my needs in ways I didn’t expect, and for being trustworthy.

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