Schoolhouse Rock vol. 31

Today in the midst of tears, tattling, pushing, arguing, and general pandemonium, we managed to squeeze in a smidge of learning.  During that small portion of our day, we wrote about what we want to be when we grow up.  The kids were super excited.  One asked, “If we write about it, does that mean we’ll magically turn into that?”  “yeah, something like that, kid…”

So here are their awesome ideas for the future.  Some of us are dreaming big, some of us are dreaming really big, and some of us should probably set our sights a little higher…

  • a superhero
  • a police officer (6)
  • a double decker bus driver (my personal fav)
  • a spy (my other personal fav)
  • a doctor (2)
  • a princess (2)
  • a basketball player
  • a grandma
  • a grown-up with a baby
  • a cheerleader
  • in third grade
  • a king (2)
  • a sheriff

I really hope they all achieve their dreams!