Inspirational Pig

On Saturday I graduated with my Master’s of Arts in Education. 

In the morning, I was met with a graduation gift from my roommate and one of the most inspirational cards I’ve received in life… I originally wasn’t sure I was going to walk, because it seemed kind of anticlimactic, coming over a month after finishing classes and when we had barely stepped foot on campus prior to graduating.  But I’m glad I did. It was fun to celebrate with those in my cohort, my friends that went through the program with me, and my family and friends.  

The ceremony was pretty brief, so that was much appreciated by all.  I can’t say that the speakers really inspired me to go out and achieve my dreams, but where graduation speakers fail, the inspirational pig comes to the rescue.

A gift from Rachel, he now sits proudly on my shelf, inspiring me and encouraging me each day.  I mean, we are only on day 3, but it has been pretty life changing.

Feel free to bookmark this post so that you can come back often to re-read what the Inspiration Pig has to say.  I know it will change YOUR life too.

And my personal favorite… Thank you for coming into my life, Inspirational Pig.  I don’t know what I did without you for all these years.