Schoolhouse Rock vol. 28

Field trip days are always hilarious days.

Today we went to a park near our school and naturalists taught us about rivers and ponds.  A couple of highlights include…

On the walk down a dirt trail on a hill to get to the river, one little girl was clinging to my hand, “I’m scared!”  I told her she was fine and needed to walk on her own.  About 30 seconds later, a little boy at the front says, “Miss K!  Are you scared?  It’s ok!”  and this little girl in front of me turns around and in a sweet, soothing voice, she says, “Miss K, don’t be scared.  It’s fun!”  to which I say, “but I’m NOT scared.”  and this girl, obviously relieved, shouts down to the little boy, “It’s ok!  She’s not scared!!!”  Apparently I seem the type to be scared of small hills.  (nope kids, of all the irrational fears I have had over the years, small hills are not one of them)

They were also quite concerned about walking by the groundhog’s hole.  They did not want to run into him.  I told them to ask Ms Aydt about the time she saw a groundhog at this park, because it was hilarious!  One girl commented, “We have a groundhog at my house and we are NOT a fan of him!”

At one point during the morning, a little girl came up to me with worried eyes: “But how are we gonna have a picnic??  We forgot to bring our covers!”  Yes, next year let’s all bring our blankets from our beds.  Or on second thought, let’s stick with the picnic table option.

Basically the kids were bouncing around, unable to contain their excitement all morning.  It is like they had never seen nature before.  But they are city kids.  So they probably haven’t.  Mosquito larvae??  AWESOME!  A short-cut walk through the “spooky” woods?? “Best thing ever!”  Beetles swimming on pond water? “No way!”  A real river, “Wow!” A bird?  “Neat!!!”

Thanks nature, for being so awesome.  Or thanks five year olds, for appreciating having your horizons broadened.


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