A while back, I was driving the streets of the city, and I saw a billboard for Pippi Longstocking, as performed by the Children’s Theater here in Minneapolis.  

I thought, “I must go.”  I loved Pippi growing up – I have great memories of watching the movies in Alaska while visiting a missionary family, and later on with family as well.  (And I’m sure I read the books too.  I just have no memories of them.  Go Reading!)

The scene that always stuck out to me the most is when Pippi mopped her floor by strapping sponges onto her feet and skating through the bubbles.  I mean, honestly, how amazing would that be??  Perhaps I should try it.  Maybe tonight while my roommate is gone.  Yessss.  Consider it done.

For crazy hair day last year, my assistant Molly and I even had Pippi-inspired braids.  

But, it is showing at the Children’s Theater.  And last time I checked, I don’t have a child.  So naturally I asked on Facebook if anyone would loan me their child 🙂

Fortunately I have fun friends – Brooke and I ended up taking her first grade daughter.  They read the book together before the show and we were all excitedly counting down the days.

AND I got a great deal on tickets – apparently, each Sunday at noon, you can call the ticket office and purchase tickets for $10 – they have a limited number of cheap tickets for each show.  This is the way to go, folks!  (but be prepared – I was on hold for over half an hour… yikes!)

We went on Sunday evening and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it.  Seriously – the Children’s Theater does SUCH a great job.  The girl who played Pippi was outstanding.

Although I must say that my perspective has shifted a bit as an adult.  For example – in the school scene, all I could think of was what strategies I would use to more effective manage Pippi’s behavior 😉

It was a fun show – great set… awesome acting… and what made it even better was listening to the giggles of the sweet little girl sitting next to me.

Children’s Theater Link


3 thoughts on “Pippi!

  1. Does Pippi have a monkey? If yes, was there a monkey in the show? If yes, was it as awesome as the animals in Cinderella?

    • good question. yes she does. and a horse. i’d say the animals were so much better than cinderella… in that the puppeteers were never visible, and they were quite life-like. And the horse was definitely a step up from the horse in the SNL Warhorse skit. 🙂

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