Schoolhouse Rock vol. 26

Today a child was writing about why monkeys need water to live.  The child next to her said she saw a movie about monkeys.  I asked if it was Chimpanzee.  It was indeed.  This launched into some questions she had about the movie.  Questions I wasn’t prepared to answer.

Q:  Why did Oscar only have a mom?

A:  Um, because sometimes kids only have a mom.

Q:  Oh, like M- only has a mom in our class?

A:  Yep, just like that.

Q: Where did Oscar’s mom go after Scar hurt her?  To the doctor?

A:  Um….   ….   …. yes?

Q: He was so cute!

A: Yes.  (finally something I can reply to with confidence)

Another child heard me mention the movie Chimpanzee and said, “No.  That isn’t the name of it.  It is called Planet of the Apes!”  “Nope, that is definitely a different movie.  One you should not be watching.”


One thought on “Schoolhouse Rock vol. 26

  1. Those are very good questions. I was actually curious about the whole father situation myself during the movie. I think there were multiple males in the tribe, but none were ever referenced as the father.

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