Schoolhouse Rock vol. 25 {updated}

So… I’m not really sure why only half of this post posted… let’s try again.

Yesterday we brainstormed a list of living things that need water.  We took some small group brainstorming time, then went around from group to group (scattergories style) and  created a master list on the board that impressed me in its size.  I think they counted around 90 plants and animals on their list. some of our list...

Naturally as a reward for being such thinkers, we all got scented stickers and extra choice time (the choice time might have been because my assistant was out sick and I needed the extra time to prepare folders.  it is hard to say).

Unfortunately I did not give out any bonus creativity points, so answers such as these got you nothing…

  • Unicorns
  • Tweety Bird (they did try to sell me on this, saying it isn’t just a character, but a real bird that goes tweet tweet tweet in a high pitched voice)
  • Leprechauns
  • Rainbow Fish

Other highlights of our day include all the children singing a song about all living things needed water, but singing in the same accent as the video I found on youtube for us to watch.  Win.