Schoolhouse Rock vol. 24

Lately I have really been an all-star.  At least in the eyes of young children.

I have impressed children with my…

  • Art supplies (“Wow, I didn’t know you had real feathers!”  “Yep, I’m full of surprises.”  “Do you have real trains in there?”  “Um, what?  no…”)
  • Acting abilities (“Miss K, I thought that you were really crying in that play.”  Unspoken response: Little do you know, kids, but my incredible acting skills are on display almost every day in this classroom.)
  • Skill at tearing off sheets of butcher paper.  (A fifth grader asked if I needed help.  I graciously declined.  They stayed to ooh and ahh over my form and ease at tearing it off the roll)
  • Clothing+accessory combos.  (“Wow!  You actually match today!” – I’m not gonna lie, the shock in her tone was a little insulting…;) )
  • General, all around awesomeness. (“You are the best teacher I have ever had” after teaching them to weave paper to make placemats for the Senior Citizens Luncheon.  mmm – pretty sure I’m the only teacher you’ve ever had.  But i’ll take it!)

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