Spring Retreat Hangover

So… it has been quite a few days since I posted anything. At least I left you pictures of a cute baby to look at!

If I were to call in to the attendance line, I would put in the excuse of, “I have been suffering from spring retreat hangover: a general fog and tiredness that comes after having a weekend full of fresh and air and too much fun.”

The recovery process has included a lot of coffee, a lot of sleep, unpacking, staring at the wall, and the MN Twins.  My brain has not been functioning properly to share anything coherent with you.

If it was, I might tell you that I totally got ripped off at a lemonade stand this week.  I have been impressing children with my impressive skills in life.  I had a great time at retreat.  I caught a glimpse of something rare: the Twins actually playing baseball.  It was an impressive few innings, where I saw more guys on base in one inning than I have this entire season so far.  Tonight I am saving the chimps.  Tomorrow is the school carnival, where I have retired from  running the fish pond game and I am selling tickets instead.  I know.  I am boring.

So basically there is no way to know when I will be able to share a proper post with you again.

I will leave you with a brief story: we were learning about what lives in/near ponds, rivers, and lakes today.  Upon seeing a picture of a beaver at a pond, a student said, “A beaver!  That looks just like Justin Bieber!”