Baby Jordan!

Seven years ago I got hired as a kindergarten teacher.  I started on the Friday Labor Day weekend.  Talk about a stressful beginning.  Then a few weeks later, with enrollment still going crazy, we added an 8th section of kindergarten at our school.  That is when I met Jill.    (If I thought starting the weekend before school started was stressful, it was nothing compared to being hired a couple weeks into the school year!)  She is probably one of the main factors I survived my first year teaching.  We have worked together for the past seven years.  We’ve been pink slipped together, taught summer school together, and along with our friend Beth, we went got our masters degrees together.  Jill is a fabulous teacher, a great coworker and a wonderful friend.  I was so incredibly excited to find out she would be having a baby this spring – and last week I was thrilled to finally meet little Jordan.

Jill, here are a few pictures of Jordan!  I’ll send you the rest soon 🙂


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