little theologians, crazy drivers, and baseball

Ok, I obviously have three quite unrelated stories today.

The first is a schoolhouse rock story:

During breakfast, child A ripped open his breakfast package and food flew everywhere.  I told him he must not know his own strength and he needs to be more careful.  “I didn’t do that.  God made me.  He controls me!”  to which child B says, “He doesn’t control me!  Look!  I can walk backwards.”  Child A shakes his head and said, “No, He is still controlling you.”  (I think it is always good to start your friday with a little theological debate.  Especially if you are five years old).

The second is a driving story:

Last night I had a scary driving experience.  The car in front of me started swerving.  And I don’t meet a little.  It was like it was driving in letter Zs, across multiple lanes.  I had to slam on my brakes, and then was SO thankful that there was nobody close behind me.  The car eventually drove straight across three lanes of traffic, cutting off a bus (seriously he missed being hit by a city bus by mere inches) and stopping under and overpass, on the shoulder, perpendicular to traffic.  Scary!  Thank you Jesus that nobody got hurt.  That could have been a crazy multiple car accident.

The third is a baseball related story.

I saw this video on 22 Words:

I told my brother that I want him to try this, hoping for the same result (being picked up by an outfielder and carried to security).  I need to share his response with you, because my brother is hilarious.

You mean hope I get carried off by a player? I’m going to do it when the visitors are in the field, hopefully the headlines read: “Delmon Young strains his back while attempting to carry a 6’5 man off of the field friday night. Looks like he’ll be out for at least 2-3 weeks. 6’5 mystery man then goes on to be hired by the twins” “also, this just in, newspaper has extrememly long headline talking about delmon young”


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