Schoolhouse Rock vol. 23

Today a student came up to me and complained of cold hands.  I thought he said, “My hands are colder than a girlfriend’s face!”  I didn’t know what that meant, but I didn’t think it was anything good.  I asked for clarification.  Turns out he actually said, “My hands are colder than a dolphin’s face!”  I still don’t know what it means, but it seems better than my interpretation…

If you have been worried about tornados entering your home or classroom through air ducts, worry no longer.  That is not actually how tornados work.  Also, apparently if tornados are really small, you can just stomp on them and they will leave you alone.

Also, it is cool if you are a teacher and you have the color peach on your dress, because you obviously made this fashion choice in support of your students’ love of all things Mario.

And if you’ve been hoping for a pet bird, but weren’t sure how to invite a local bird to live in your home, I have a student that is willing to communicate with the birds on your behalf.  She is a natural in bird-call-language.

That is all.  Happy Thursday.