Schoolhouse Rock vol. 22

One of my friends at work (who happens to be one of the specialists that my kindergartners see each week) recently had a baby.  This week I told my kindergartners I was going to visit the baby and their teacher and gave them the opportunity to do some writing and card making for their teacher. 

Here are some of the awesome things they had to say in their cards: (I corrected all their spelling.  Although I was impressed by their writing, if you aren’t a kindergarten teacher, I don’t give you too much of a chance of interpreting their work)

  • When your baby grows up, your baby gonna be big
  • I want to see your baby is cute.  I like your baby.
  • Dear Miss W, How is your baby?  And can your baby walk?  Thank you for teaching us.
  • To Miss W.  I miss you.  Tomorrow is my birthday.
  • Dear Miss W.  I like love your baby.  Your baby is cute.  I hope you like your baby.
  • Miss W, Can you bring your baby?  Thank you.
  • Dear Miss W, R you happy to have your baby?
  • I like you and love your baby.  I hope that you will like it.
  • I want to see your baby.

I bolded my favorites 🙂  Perhaps you can make use of these next time you are writing a “congrats on the new baby” card for a friend!

p.s.  Adorable pictures coming soon!


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