Like Coming Home…

This week the Twins had their Home Opener on Monday afternoon. I was fortunate to get to go to THREE games this week! (I’m trying to get some good baseball time in before Africa steals me away).

Walking into Target Field was like coming home. To my home away from home.

While much of Twins Territory has stayed the same, there are some key changes. I will start with my least favorite change and work my way towards the awesomeness.

Change #1 The team. We don’t really know them anymore. I think that the fastest way to win our hearts though, is to hit a home run. This was effective for Josh Willingham and Clete Thomas (apparently Clete’s first name is Michael. But who would want to go by that?? Clearly Clete is a better option). Other players haven’t picked up on the home run strategy yet, so while I have come to recognize their walk-up music, I have not prepared a welcome gift basket with their name on it. We still miss our old team though, and cheer when they visit us from their new teams.

Change #2 The “Controversial” billboard on the back of the Target Center is gone. And by controversial, I mean that people were ticked because it was there, not because it had questionable content. In its place is Bullseye, eagerly wagging his tail at us.


Change #3 My sister warned me that I would be seeing something that would make me clap my hands in delight. And right she was. I always enjoy the Race to Target Field and guessing who will win. Amber and I even featured one of the videos at our Twins Birthday Party in February. But you know what I love even more?? The LIVE Race to Target Field.

And they’re off!


At one of the games they even ran in slow motion for part of the race. Which was fitting with their epic racing soundtrack. Why I love mascots racing so much, I do not know. But isn’t it great!?


They even keep race stats up, so you know their standings so far in the season!


And it’s Bullseye for the win! The crowd goes wild!


In other news, I think I’ve got this wordpress app for my iPad figured out. This was kind of a test run. And it seems successful so far. I’ve done pictures. I’ve done typing. What more do you need? (well, I guess I feel a little confused about whether this will post or not. so there is that… but if you are reading this, then we will know I was successful) So the moral of the story is that updates WILL happen from Uganda. And that mascots are awesome.