Schoolhouse Rock vol. 21

Wow… they had some HILARIOUS things to say this week. I mean, they had some really good advice and insight to share.

“Mss K.  Never run around wearing a chicken costume.  A cat will chase you.”  “Thank you, young child.  Those are words to live by.”

A synonym for prism is “It’s a rainbow machine!!”

a picture "from the 80s" that got all this conversation started... 🙂

“Hey, I bet they already had [prisms] in the 80s!”

“Miss K, were people old in the 80s?”

Apparently even young children know the lyrics to “We are Young” by Fun.  I’m hoping they chorus is the extent of their knowledge.  Amber – let me know if you see my students at the concert tomorrow night at the strip mall…

My fifth grade helpers saw Catching Fire and Mockingjay on my desk.  “Miss K, are you reading the Hunger Games books?”  “Oh, I already read them.  Another teacher just returned them to me.  Are you reading them?”  “Yeah, I’m about two chapters in to the first book.”  “What do you think?”  (with great surprise in his voice) “It is actually pretty good!”

“But Miss K!  Kindergartners don’t know how to read!”  “Um, sure they do.  That is what we’ve been learning all year!”  “What!?!  We are learning to READ!?  THANK YOU JESUS!!!!”

Contrary to what it looks like, this is actually a picture of me and my dad on the way to the store to buy a puppy.

A child drew this picture of me (see above). This led to the natural progression of questions/comments:

  1. Miss K, do you have a husband?
  2. What happened to your husband?
  3. Do you have kids?
  4. You must be lonely.
  5. *hug*
  6. How old are you?
  7. 29?
  8. What??  My grandma is OLDER than you???

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