Have we talked about the fact that I’m going on a safari at the end of my trip to Uganda?  My sister is flying out and we are going on a six day safari with a tour business that is associated with Rafiki Africa Ministries.  And bonus!  Half the proceeds go back to benefit the orphanage.  We are super excited.

And then sooner or later we asked the question, “What does one wear on a safari?”

Well, with the internets as our guide, we were told that we should wear a hat to protect us from the sun, and neutral colors so we don’t scare off all the animals.

This seems totally reasonable.

Until you look in my closet.

For example, I’m guessing that they don’t mean this hat 

And do I own any neutral colors?

Because these outfits are more typical of my wardrobe: 

Note that my usual outfit is, “perhaps a moderately bright shirt, layered with a brighter cardigan, and usually adding a still brighter scarf for that extra “needed” pop of color.

Right now I’m breaking that mold – wearing a simple black shirt.  But don’t worry, I paired it with a scarf that is bright pink and turquoise, with a small section of gold sequins (I figure sequins always make up for any lack of color in the rest of my outfit)


Not exactly wardrobe choices that say, “Hey there little lion.  Hi mr. impala.  What’s up, gorilla.  It’s cool that we’re all hanging out here in the wild.  I wore some neutral colors so you wouldn’t immediately see me and bolt before my slow-to-spot-anything-eyes can find you.”

I’m guessing there aren’t hedges to hide my brightly colored clothes behind? Wish me luck, kids.  It seems like I’ll need it.


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