Schoolhouse Rock vol. 20 {update}

Remember last week when the child explained to me that there are actually tiny little people who live on the sun and who come out each morning to make light for us?

Well, apparently he didn’t just make this up for no reason.  I was fortunate to see these little people for myself.  They brought the light all the way to our classroom (thanks for your dedication, tiny sun people!)  The student excitedly came and got me during rest time to show them to me.  You know how when the sun is streaming in the window at the perfect angle in the early afternoon, it just really highlights all of the dust floating in the air?  Yes?  Meet the sun people.  I asked, “Hmm.  Are you sure they are people, and not dust?”  And he said, “yeah, they are people!”  And he was more excited to point out that they are all white, just like I said that light is white.  So apparently in my attempts to prepare the kids to learn about what happens when you refract light, like for example when it enters a prism, all I really did was solidify some creative misconceptions.

Yes, I am just that awesome of a teacher.