Schoolhouse Rock vol. 20

Today we learned that light travels in a straight path.  It was important to learn this so that we can next learn what happens when you block, bend, or reflect the light.

Task One (to get us starting to think about this concept before moving on to some other activities): We started with some sun puzzles.  There were three.  One had straight rays of light and the other two had ridiculous twirly, loopy, zig-zag rays.  After they put them together, I asked which one was true and which two were not the way light shines.

Well, apparently today was a good day to clear up some misconceptions:

“I think that this [twirly] one is the way light shines.  Because you see, people live in little houses on the sun and each morning they come out of their house and go out on the sun and make all the light and it looks just like this!  And then they go back in their house at night and then the little people on the moon come out to shine the moonlight.”

Huh.  And this is from my brightest student… learning, here we come!