Schoolhouse Rock vol. 19

Last week, one of my students (who has a lot to say in life) was out sick on Thursday and Friday.  Today he was back.  I think he missed us.  He talked like a mile a minute all day long and was full of ridiculous things to say.

Here are some examples:

  • Did you watch the Kids’ Choice Awards?  Will Smith was on it.  And Justin Bieber.  He got slimed. (I heard this approximately 17 times.  He was disappointed for me that I missed it)
  • I was gone sick last week.
  • Did you know I was sick last week?
  • I wasn’t in school Thursday and Friday because I was sick last week.
  • On Thursday I stopped drinking anything so I didn’t throw up.
  • I’m pretty funny, aren’t I.
  • You are pretty funny too.  But I’m a funny kid too.
  • Last week I dreamed that me and my friend got autographs from Super Heros.  And Batman’s autograph was shaped like a boomerang.
  • I bet you guys missed me while I was gone.
  • after teaching them, “April Showers bring May Flowers”, he says, “You know what else is in May?  The new Avenger’s movie!”  My response: “so yeah, April showers really will be bringing a lot of exciting things in May.  Movies and flowers!”

P.S. This week I’m putting addition problems inside of Easter eggs and hiding them around the classroom each day.  I told them the Math Chicken came by while they were at lunch and laid some eggs.  They were impressed at the quantity of eggs that one chicken laid.  And one child gently pretended to crack his egg on the edge of the desk to open it.  “This is how my dad opens eggs!”  I think we have a future chef on our hands.