Tag! I’m it?

So, approximately five years ago, Kat tagged me with 11 questions.  I figure since I have nothing else to say to you today, I should probably get on answering these questions.  I’m fairly certain you are all dying to know the answers.  Sorry Kat for taking two weeks to answer.  And sorry internet that I will not be thinking of my own questions to pass on to others.  🙂  I just can’t pull it together today.

  1. Are you a shoe person or a purse person?  Purse.  For sure.  I do love cute flats though.  But heels scare me and my clumsy nature.
  2. What’s your favorite scent?  Lilacs in the spring.
  3. Cloth napkins or paper towels?  Cloth napkins are fun, but in life I generally use a paper towel.  I am just not that fancy.  Although one time at my sister’s work party at Oceanaire, I felt incredibly fancy that they gave you a white or black cloth napkin based on the color of your pants/skirt.
  4. Your house is burning down.  What three non-living things do you grab and why?  My camera.  My computer.  Magic the Unicorn.  Why?  Because my computer has all sorts of memories stored on it and I would be sad to watch them be burned up.  My camera is replaceable.  But it would be easier to not.  And my roommate would miss Magic way too much.
  5. Would you ever admit to having road rage?  I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have road rage (or really rage in general in life)  But am I an impatient driver at times?  Yes.  I have no car horn so occasionally I will tell another driver (from inside my car) that I am shaking my fist at them.
  6. Have you ever purchased something off of Etsy?  If so, what?  And was it fabulous?  Or was it a Regretsy?  I purchased ADORABLE baby hats for my friends’ babies for Christmas.  And it was a definite WIN.
  7. If you could take one news station off of the air, what would it be? Fox 9.  Drama, Drama, Drama.
  8. How would you rate yourself on a scale of one to crafty?  We assume that rickrack is somewhere in the middle.  I would say crafty with a side of, “doesn’t sew”
  9. What’s your standard drink order at a restaurant?  Diet Coke.  At El Rodeo, my family’s Friday night standard, they often have a pitcher of Diet Coke at our table upon our arrival.
  10. Share your definition of the perfect home-cooked meal.  Bonus points if you share recipes too.  Hmm… I would have to say that if I am actually cooking, I like the rare occasions where I have someone else to feed – otherwise I am eating leftovers for five years and eventually grow to hate the delicious food I had made, because I’ve eaten it for way too many meals in a row.
  11. Plaid: Do you wear it ironically, because it’s comfortable or never?  I think I have one plaid shirt.  I don’t know when the last time I wore it was.  But I support the wearing of plaid.  I think it is cute and comfy.  Which is really a fashion success story.

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