Secret Talents

Sometimes in life, you discover you have secret talents that were even secret from you.  You might wonder, “Is this a fluke?  Like the time I used my ski-jump shaped nose to launch a peanut butter M&M off my nose and then caught it in my mouth?”  But then it happens again, and you realize this is probably actually just your calling in life.

For me, my newly found secret/creeper talent, is finding people’s little known look-alikes.  First there was the case of Amber and the Life Board Game Model.    I didn’t realize at the time that my skills actually encompass more than the game of Life.  But also Life Magazine.  In an issue from 1940/41, I found another friend!  Turns out that she has a secret life (or a doppelganger – it is hard to know which) as a Washington DC debutante.  Here she is, photographed primping between dances.  She offers advice that it is never too early to start taking care of your skin.  Moisturize, ladies.  


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