the friendship chronicles: Kari!

Sometimes in life, friends request a personal blog post.  So the proper response, in my opinion, is to have your camera at the ready each time you see them, whatever the setting.  Once you gather enough photos, you can write a blog post.I would like to share with you a typical day in my friendship with Kari.  Usually this starts with Kari arriving to my house.  She typically is bringing flowers, balloons, or puppies for me, but this time I let her in anyways, even though she came empty handed.  That is just the kind of friend I am.  After the initial greeting, Kari likes to take time to say hello to all of my roommates.  It is important to her that no one feels left out.  After hello time, we settle in for some friendship time.  Sometimes this involves dancing to music videos of fake kids’ bands, baking, and talking about life.  I like Kari a lot.  She makes me laugh and has good stuff to say.  I like hearing about where her life has been and where it is heading.  And about the right now stuff too.  Our friendship began when she attended the rigorous cupcake camp.  I think she’d agree that experience really made her into the person she is today.

This time, we made cupcakes from a box.  I know.  We were shocked too.  We read the directions and thought, could this really be so simple?  Although things seemed so easy, we didn’t want to take any chances.  We made sure to time each step perfectly, sometimes shouting and leaping in our panic.

One of my favorite things about Kari is that she does my dishes.  Anytime!  I can call her at 1pm, 1am, or anytime in between, and she is there.  What’s that?  A fork left out on the counter?  Call Kari!  Can’t get that food off my pan?  Call Kari?  A tupperware container growing mold on some 2 month old leftovers?  Call Kari!

She really is the best.


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