An Afternoon at the Library

Sometimes life calls for reading more than fairy poetry.  (not always.  but on some rare occasions)

And because my friends are awesome, they invited me to an excursion into the past, via the James J. Hill St. Paul public library.  We entered the periodical room full of hope and anticipation, and the magazines spanning the last century did not disappoint.  I looked at National Geographic magazines from 1905 and enjoyed Life magazines from the 1940s.  Vogue, Vanity Fair, Saturday Evening Post, and Ladies Home Journal are just a few titles that we perused during our time in history. 

I was fascinated by reading interviews with Neil Armstrong, learning about the lives of socialites, getting tips for cleaning my kitchen, seeing photographs from the earthquake and subsequent San Francisco fire, figuring out what should be in my traveling wardrobe, reading an interview with Winston Churchill, seeing presidential campaigns from the days of yore, looking at heartbreaking photos of Jewish refugees trying to go to Israel after WWII, and more.

But the most entertaining part by far, was the advertisements.  I loved that they were like stories.

And I loved all the relationship advice I took home that day.  If I follow all the advice I saw, I will probably be married by spring break.  Here is just a sampling of the pearls of wisdom that history shared with me.

this article offered some insight into what guys and girls are thinking on first dates

when in doubt, cook campbell's soup! that is the way to a man's heart

this cartoon goes on to tell you that dating isn't just about good breath and general cleanliness, as other ads might lead you to believe. You also need to have plenty of pep. And that you can get from eating cereal with plenty of vitamins in it!

a question not to be taken lightly

the headline says it all


2 thoughts on “An Afternoon at the Library

  1. It is interesting to find dating tips such as those from such a conservative era. The women were pretty forward those days, it seems. 🙂

    I do this sometimes. Go to the library then just browse over the shelves to get a good read even for a few minutes. It’s a great way of educating yourself. You get to learn at once since it initially caught your eye. 🙂

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