A Baseball Birthday!

Because Amber and I like to have birthday parties like we are still seven years old, we planned some sweet decorations and forced our guests to play games.  It was pretty much awesome.  Here’s all the important and non-important details about our 1991 Twins World Series Game Seven Par-tay!

The Decor: Streamers in the colors of the MN Twins, library books (gotta keep things educational), and basically any MN Twins themed items we could find around our homes.  Tiffany made us a cute birthday banner with clementines, tooth picks, cardstock, and yarn. 

The Food: Ball Park Themed.  We had hot dogs, soft pretzels w/cheese, chips, cracker jacks, candy, clementines, puppy chow, and more.  Rachel even brought her cotton candy maker!  Sadly, we forgot to use it.  It was all delish.  I felt like I was at Target Field.  Or the Metrodome in 1991. 

The Fun: We spent the evening watching the Twins Game.  We divided our friends into two teams.  Were these teams evenly matched?  One was good with baseball trivia, and one was good at random tasks that you can’t train for.  So, yes?  Between innings, we asked random trivia questions (let me emphasize random), and played games like we were at the ballpark.  We found the Race to Target Field online.  Go ahead, watch it. I won’t tell you who wins. 

We had a wiffle ball toss (think old school – dropping the baseballs down from the stands into the back of the pick-up truck.  And yes, they bounced right out of our bucket just like they always bounced out of the back of the truck) 

And a designated driver drawing, winning Aaron a Twins keychain, AND a point for his team.

The Music: Rachel, Laura, JaNahn, and James serenaded us with the Star Spangled Banner.  In one of my more ridiculous life moments, we all sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame.  The sing-a-long was of course, Happy Birthday.

The Prizes: Naturally we had certificates for the winners and losers. (twins certificates)

Our friends were good sports and played along with Amber and I’s birthday dreams.  Thanks guys.

every baseball birthday party needs a giant baseball birthday brownie

And I’d like to thank the following people for making my birthday party possible:

  • Scott, for his idea and his dvd
  • Tiffany, for helping me clean up before and after the party and for her trip to the library to facilitate learning and decorating
  • James, for making the yearly trek down to Minneapolis for our birthdays
  • David, for cheering for the Braves.  Again.
  • Rachel, for leading the songs
  • Rachel, for printing certificates
  • Rachel, for stopping by after a busy day
  • Shawn, for puppy chow and general awesomeness
  • Aaron, for hot dogs and wiffle ball skills
  • Laura, for ice cream sundae toppings
  • JaNahn, for canceling your work trip
  • Molly, for coming even though you have no history with or love of the Twins
  • Kerri, for sending me a card on modified work stationary
  • Amber for your co-planning, co-birthdaying awesomeness.
I’m lucky to have such awesome friends.
All in all, it was a pretty intense game.  My parents were there.  I tried to call them to see if we could spot them on tv, but then we remembered that there weren’t cell phones yet.  Go Twins!

3 thoughts on “A Baseball Birthday!

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  2. I loved the video you posted. And I love the fact that you are a Twins fan. Just an fyi, I used the video on my blog and shared yours. I love you blog. It’s always a great refresher to my day. :]

    • Thanks so much 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the video – it is always exciting at Twins games to see who will win the race to Target Field. And I’m glad you enjoy my blog!!

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