Party Like It’s 1991!

Amber and I have birthdays that are exactly a week apart.  Since becoming friends, we have thrown ourselves a joint birthday party.  Each year we try and think of something more awesome (or at least equally awesome) to the year before.  It is tricky business, I tell ya.

We have already done dueling pianos, ice skating and milk shakes, and free unlimited rides at the Mall of America.  This year we thought: tubing!  Mother nature thought: Hope you have a plan B!

Since all the snow melted between the inviting and the celebrating, we had to come up with a Plan B.  Fortunately, our favorite “idea man”, Scott, was on the job.

The theme: Party Like It’s 1991/MN Twins Baseball.

If you add those two things together, you get: Game 7 of the World Series 1991.

I’ll share all the fun details tomorrow, but I’ll tide you over with…

the matchy-matchy shirts me and Amber wore:

This is not Amber or myself, but rather a kindly stranger from the internet modeling the cute t-shirt

And my sister’s hilarious list of thematic party suggestions: 

1. Amber could be Dan the Music Man and be weird/awkward about playing music. 2. People could put on oversized clothes and run around bases you set up in the street. 3. Someone could get an award. 4. You could show a heartwarming video montage. 5. Someone for sure needs to sing the national anthem. 6. I’ll bring Lucy, Rachel brings Bear and we have them run walk around your house like it is Take your dog to the ballpark day. 7. We all do yardwork (or housework) while pretending to be groundskeepers. 8. We play catch and stretch. 9. We eat a lot of food. 10. We get your neighbors to walk around your street, acting lost and not paying attention, while we try to walk upstream from them, getting irritated since we know right where we are going. 11. We sit around and talk about everyone else (people watching!)

Ok, come back tomorrow.  While I’m spending my birthday frolicking with fairies and gnomes, you can be soaking in all the baseball fun of last weekend.


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