Schoolhouse Rock vol. 9

Valentine’s Day Continues…

We are done learning about celebrations, but apparently they children love applying their knowledge to new situations into which they may or may not apply.

While writing on the topic, “What is love?” one child suddenly says, “My favorite song is We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.  Then goes back to his coloring.

Another child was excited to show me that he was wearing two different shades of green.  I think you are thinking of St. Patrick’s Day, kiddo.

A third child came in the door in the morning, excited to report that a little girl was at her locker and had a red rose, a red card, and a red folder.  He followed this information up by saying, “It is like she’s Chinese!”  I sat, perplexed, for a moment.  Then I figured out the connection.  When we were learning about Chinese New Year, as well as birthday traditions in China, both involved red being good luck.  Awesome.


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