What is Love? (schoolhouse rock vol. 8)

As you sit down to read this, I hope that you are wearing a super fancy Valentine’s Day outfit today.  Perhaps one that looks a little bit like this: 

Each year in kindergarten, I ask the kids the question, “What is love?”  Their responses are always heartwarming, hilarious, and sometimes confusing.  This year is no exception.Love is…


To be loving with your family and giving hugs

Having a picnic and giving friends cards

Hugging my grandma

Sharing my car with my uncle.

Love is…

Give hugs to another

Giving and Sharing

I love my mom.  I show her by hugging her or kissing her

I hug my mom and dad.  I want to hug my little sister.  We are dancing under these lights. 


Love friends because we play outside

Love is…

Holding peoples hand.

Loving your family.  That you are playing with your family and spending time with them.

Giving cards.

I’m happy when my dad hugs me.

is that not the sweetest picture??

I love you.  I do love my mom.

I love you.  I love my mom.  I love the park.

I’m not sure what this has to do with love, but I love the random fish.  And mostly I love that the student said, “I’m going to draw a mustache.”  and he did.  

I would like to add to their list:

Love is making your teacher a Valentine’s Day Princess crown.  As one child put it, “I am the queen of this kingdom” 

Love is, remembering that your teacher was sad when another child stole her gum from her desk, and bringing your teacher a new pack of gum for Valentine’s Day.



4 thoughts on “What is Love? (schoolhouse rock vol. 8)

    • A few years ago we made a book for my assistant who was getting married – it included marriage advice from the kindergartners and it was HILARIOUS. Ever since then I’ve asked them, “what is love” at Valentine’s Day. So great 🙂

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