Peppermintty Goodness.

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to a Valentine’s Day Cookie/Treat Exchange.  It was a really fun afternoon full of sugary goodness.  Jessica, I hope you don’t mind, I stole this picture off your facebook to show off everyone’s impressive baking skills!  What did I make?  Thanks for asking.  I conned my sister into making a quadruple batch of homemade peppermint patties.  They are totally delicious.  I even was tagged in facebook posts (ok, just one) by strangers (ok, my sister’s co-worker) who couldn’t get enough of this peppermintty goodness.

 If I were to make any baking recommendations to you, I would say:

  1. Make sure you actually count your cups of powdered sugar.  Otherwise the patties will be too sticky or too powdery to stick together.  Clearly we made mistakes on both ends.
  2. Do the math and buy the right amount of groceries.  Otherwise you will be forced to run to the grocery story mid-baking.  And then you will still run out of chocolate chips and be forced cover a couple dozen of these guys with dodgy melting chocolates from your pantry (dodgy because of the non-valentines-coloring, not because of anything else.  If you ate one, I promise I didn’t poison you).
  3. If you are a teacher or an auditor in busy season, don’t think it will be ok to make hundreds of these on Friday night.  You will look at each other with sad puppy eyes at 9:30 when you want to go to bed and realize you are only halfway done.
  4. Get a fun seasonally appropriate giant sprinkle to plop into the middle of the candy!  It is a real crowd-pleaser for sure.

Other than those little tips, they actually are pretty easy to make.  Click here for the recipe!



2 thoughts on “Peppermintty Goodness.

  1. I am planning to make these so came hunting for the recipe. I had forgotten just how many we made, our counting troubles, extra grocery store trips and how very very tired we were. This post made me laugh remembering! Wish you were here to help me with them instead of being off living it up in the big city 🙂

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