Schoolhouse Rock vol. 7

Ok, I know.  I’m out of control with the posting today.  I’ll make up for it by ignoring you all weekend long.  But I just needed to share two more things.  Because one is hilarious and one was adorable.

First of all, today we did a little sight word project relating to Valentine’s Day.  The punctuation on this made me so, SO happy.  Secondly, it was reported to me that there was some funny business going on with girlfriends and boyfriends.  So I gave the old, “kindergartners are too young for a dating relationship” speech.  A child said to me, “yeah, you need to be 13 to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.” and I told him that my mom’s rule was I had to be 16.  He looked at me and said, “But you are 28!  So why don’t you have a boyfriend?” and I said matter-of-factly, “well, I guess no one wants to be my boyfriend right now.” and he replied, “Well, I think you are pretty!” and he gave me a hug and he went back to doing his work.  Sweetness.


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