Schoolhouse Rock vol. 6

1.  I recommend taking days off work occasionally so that when you come back, people remember how much they really do love you.  Maybe this only works if you work with small children?  Hmm.  But seriously all week long the kids have been basically throwing themselves at me (literally kids have launched themselves towards me in a giant hug.  this is not an exaggeration.  it was slightly terrifying.) with hugs, cards, and looking me straight in the eye and saying, “You are my bestest friend.”

2.  Yesterday when I was leaving, I walked past a Targeted Services class and one of my students ran over to give me this picture, saying, “Here Miss K-, It is a leprechaun!”  His after school teacher asks, “Um, what animal did we learn about today?” He repeats confidently: “Leprechauns!”

3.  I added a tab to the top of my blog that says, Uganda and I will be using it to post updates of support raising, information about the orphanage and my travel plans etc. between now and my trip.  I don’t promise that you won’t see any Uganda-related blog posts on the main blog between now and then, but a lot of it I’ll be putting on that page.  I just wanted you to know.


One thought on “Schoolhouse Rock vol. 6

  1. We have two TADPOLES in our class now and not many friends can say that word. It comes out as ‘tadapoles’, ‘those things’, ‘tuhtuh’, and many other unrecognizable words.

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