Uganda: some ground rules

My mom has laid down some ground rules for my trip this summer.

  1. I am not to marry anyone during the two months I’m away.
  2. I have to come back.
  3. I may not bring back any children with me.

And after googling “How safe is Uganda” she added this one:

  1. No going out alone after dark.

Any other rules I should keep in mind?

p.s.  today has been pretty stellar in kindergarten, so look forward to the next schoolhouse rock installment coming soon 🙂


8 thoughts on “Uganda: some ground rules

  1. As I am now a mother myself and someone who converses with your own mother regularly, I think her “rules” are very lenient. If it were my kid, I’d likely require that I attend the trip with him if he was dead-set on going.

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