Banana Split Cupcakes

This year I am so lucky to teach Sunday School with Rebecca, Bethany, and Brieanne.  We have a crazy big class of kindergarten and first graders.  Fortunately they are awesome little genius children who are super fun to hang out with and don’t mind squishing around a table together.  

Here are some of the reasons these girls are awesome to teach with – if you have children you should probably recruit them to teach your kids Sunday school.

(p.s. I’ve had some great co-teachers in the past, so if you are one of them, please know that I like you too!) 

  1. They are all really easy to get along with.
  2. They are all hilarious.
  3. They are all GREAT with kids.  Seriously – our styles of teaching just mesh so well together.  And we all have the same standards we hold the kids to, so it is seamless transitions from week to week as we rotate the teaching schedule.
  4. They plan super fun lessons.  Things like making temples out of graham crackers and frosting when learning about King Solomon, and going into a small dark room and spritzing the air with water when learning about Jonah.
  5. They are so excited about teaching the little kiddos about Jesus.  Their joy is contagious.
  6. They are basically just generally all around awesome.

Naturally I decided that we should probably be friends outside of Sunday School, away from all the small children.  So I invited them over to bake!  

It was a great time.  I don’t know if there has ever been so much laughter in my kitchen (and I’ve baked with some pretty hilarious friends before).  

We tackled an insane looking recipe from Annie’s Eats: Banana Split Cupcakes.  I picked it for two reasons: it looked like a lot of work, so it seemed like a good team effort cupcake; and there was a general love of banana floating around our e-mail thread. 

What does this cupcake consist of, you ask?

A banana cupcake.

Filled with a strawberry and pineapple.

Topped with whipped cream.

Drizzled with chocolate ganache.

Sprinkled with sprinkles.

And with a cherry on top.

Can you say AMAZING??

And yes, we are quite proud of ourselves. 


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