You’re Invited (except really you aren’t)

On Saturday, I received an invitation to a Super Bowl Party.  It read as follows.*

I know how you feel – I feel the same. Giants versus Patriots? It may as well be the American Insurance Association annual awards ceremony. The best-case scenario here would be the referees uncovering an obscure rule that allows both super bowl teams to lose if Americans can’t stand either team because of excessive whining (Eli Manning) or excessive talent (Tom Brady).

I know this invitation is coming late – you may already have super bowl watching plans. I can understand that. But, if you are as disinterested in the super bowl as I am and haven’t committed to a party yet, you’re in-luck. We recently acquired a 60″ television (which allowed us to level-up in our bachelor-ness). As a result, we’re throwing a I-guess-we-should-throw-a-super-bowl-party-because-we-have-a-big-TV party – and YOU are invited!

Bring some snacks, meat trays, cheese platters, guacamole, and your family’s world-famous taco dip and let’s watch some commercials!

I loved this invite so much that I thought I should probably share it with you.

*Names, dates, times, and addresses have been removed to avoid party crashers like you.


2 thoughts on “You’re Invited (except really you aren’t)

  1. I kind of love that invite. I hope that you enjoy the spread of taco dip/deli meats and thinly sliced cheeses!

    I hope that this week is kinder to you as well, friend, and that there are plenty of moments to breathe.

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