wardrobe dilemmas: breakfast with friends

I love going out to breakfast (ok, brunch) with friends.  Which is kind of ironic, because I hate mornings so much.  It is always tricky to know what to wear so early in the morning (yep, today we met at 10am – SO early. 😉  I want to maximize sleep/I lay in bed for extended periods of time not wanting to get up, so obviously I can’t to spend a ton of time getting ready.  

Apparently the solution to this is: just wear yesterday’s outfit.

This morning I said to my anonymous friend, “You look so cute today!” and she laughed and said, “Thanks.  I wore this yesterday.  I was getting ready and I thought, ‘shoot, she always looks cute.  I don’t know what to wear.’  So I put on yesterday’s outfit.”  

I said, “Yep, that is exactly what I did too.  And I literally had the exact same conversation in my head when getting ready this morning.” 

Next time we should probably plan ahead to just wear comfy sweatshirts and just call it good.

However now I am about to go spend hang out with coworkers/friends who DID see me yesterday, so I should probably go find some clean clothes to wear for the rest of the day…


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