Happy Friday from me and Ryan

This week has been tough.  In fact, right now I am procrastinating going back to work this morning by writing this blog post.

A couple of emails I got last night after grad class totally made my night though, and went a long way to cheer me up.  The first was alerting me to some mail coming my way.  Cannot wait.  The second was sharing this amazing blog with me.  I’ll be honest, you will probably appreciate it the most if you are a teacher.  I mean, who doesn’t need a little Ryan Gosling cheering them on in life?  Last night he said things to me like:

Thanks for appreciating the little things, Ryan.

Hey Ry, thanks for not mocking my excessive cardigan collection.

and the one I was tempted to make the background on my computer at work (but then quickly realized I should leave it as the Christmas tree at Rock. Center, since I often hook up my computer to the LCD projector):

do you promise?

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend, friends!

And visit Hey Girl Teacher for more teaching inspiration about asking good inquiry questions, aligning your lessons to standards, and writing your objectives on the board 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Happy Friday from me and Ryan

  1. Instead of just rocking k stories I think they should now be half Ryan, half K stories….the k stories have always been amazingly interesting and humorous but I feel Ryan would seal the deal in making me read EVERY one of your blogs. :o)

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